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June 27, 2010 / isallmaroon

Announcing Ohm Chess HD

Ohm Chess HD is a unique chess experience for the iPad! Play four different difficulty levels against the computer or against a friend, with or without clock. Both when playing against the computer or against another human player, you can easily step back in the game to try different strategies. Ohm Chess HD is based on the Faile engine, an expert/master level chess engine that will present a good challenge to beginners and experienced chess players alike.

  • Beautiful graphics and sound
  • Advanced computer player with adjustable difficulty
  • Play Human vs Computer or Human vs Human
  • With or without clock
  • Unlimited undo
  • Handles castling, en passant and promotion

Available soon, now waiting for approval in the App Store!

April 26, 2010 / Tobias Hieta

[world hello];

Hello world!

So, first post time I guess! Still not that much here, but it will be filled with contents as we get closer to publish our software. Expect to see much more of OHM Interactive in the future.

OHM Interactive is a new small development team that is going to focus on the mobile game market, our first game is going to be OHM Chess, which will be released “when it’s done”. Pictures and media will be posted in the coming weeks. Check back here for updates.