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March 3, 2011 / isallmaroon

We need your help!

So far, I’ve been doing all the graphics and design work for the things we do, and I’ll admit I enjoy doing all that stuff. But I’ll also admit that I’m not really all that good at it! Plus, it takes so much time and effort for me to make anything look decent, not to mention graphically coherent and appropriate etc. As we’re taking on more and more projects and bigger and cooler ideas I’m just feeling more and more overwhelmed. I need help!

So, first off, this is not a job ad, we’re not an actual company, we’re just two people who like to play around with doing this stuff in our spare time. We have day jobs and night jobs and crime fighting alter egos that all steal time from our precious app development. What we need is someone else like us, who just wants do this this for the love of doing it, but from whom “this” means drawing stuff, making uis, graphic design, more of the visual side rather than programming.

Is that you? Do you want to help us make awesome-looking things? Even small things like helping us come up with a visual style, doing a little bit of concepting based on an idea, small things like that… golden. Absolutely golden. We would worship you as if you were an ancient gargantuan serpent god.

Help us, Obi Wan Designer, you are our only hope!

If you are interested, let us know:


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