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July 7, 2010 / isallmaroon

Ohm Chess HD is now available in the App Store!

The King of Ohm
The day has finally come! Ohm Chess HD is now available from the App Store!

I will write more about the experience of developing my first iPad game here in the coming days, but for now I will just say that seeing it there in the App Store is a great feeling. Everyone who writes software, either for a living or for fun, should give it a try. Because the iPad feels so much like an appliance and not like a general computer, seeing my software on there through official channels really gives me much of the same feeling as I had seeing my first commercial AAA title on store shelves. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment (regardless of sales or reception).

I brought the iPad with me on a recent road trip to the north of sweden, and in the car I ended up next to a friend of a friend whom I hadn’t met before. When I showed him the iPad and he picked it up for the first time, the first app he launched and played around with was my game. At that point I hadn’t even mentioned having developed anything for the iPad myself yet.

That was a great feeling, too.

If you are a chess player or enjoy playing the occasional game of chess with a friend, do try it out! I am quite sure the AI will present a challenge to even accomplished players, and using the iPad and Ohm Chess HD to play against a friend is great fun. It certainly made a long car trip much more enjoyable.



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  1. Mats G / Jul 19 2010 17:40

    Mkt spännande och kul schackspel!

  2. jdstripes / Mar 5 2012 18:48

    My review of this app makes some suggestions for improvement. I found the design of your app simple and intuitive, but lacking basic features that I expect from all chess programs (let me resign when my position is lost; facilitate saving and reviewing games).

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